Who is Scorpion’s son? A top best brief overview in 2023

In the Mortal Kombat fighting game series created by Midway Games and NetherRealm Studios, Scorpion’s son is a made-up character. He is an undead ninja, and what makes him unique is his desire to exact revenge on those who killed his family, his clan, and himself. He employs a kunai-rope dart as his main weapon to harpoon opponents, and his signature move is the “Fire Breath,” in which he removes his mask to reveal a skull just before igniting an opponent.

Except for Mortal Kombat 3, Scorpion’s son has featured in every main iteration since his 1992 debut (1995). He is introduced as Hanzo Hasashi in the character’s background, a fighter from the made-up Shirai Ryu clan who was slain by the senior Sub-Zero (Bi-Han) of the competing Lin Kuei clan.

Later games reveal that the sorcerer Quan Chi murdered his family and tribe; as a result, Quan Chi becomes Scorpion’s main target for retribution. Scorpion is typically portrayed as a neutral party in games, although he frequently ignores the major battles of the franchise in favor of pursuing his own goals.

As a result, he occasionally sides with his goal when doing so. Scorpion is also Sub-younger Zero’s brother’s foe and ally (Kuai Liang). Since his debut, Scorpion’s offspring has garnered favorable reviews and frequently appears in media outside of video games. He is recognized as Mortal Kombat’s most recognizable fighter, and Scorpion is Ed Boon’s personal favorite.

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Character background and outward appearance

In Mortal Kombat (1992), it is made clear that a number of Mortal Kombat competitions are taking place to decide if the Elder Gods would let forces of Outworld to invade and conquer the dimension of Earthrealm. A servant of the Outworld ruler Shao Kahn, the shape-shifter sorcerer Shang Tsung hosts the tenth and final tournament during which the game is played. Due to animosity between their competing warrior tribes, Scorpion and Sub-Zero are supposed to be enemies in the first game.

The conclusion of Scorpion reveals that the character is actually an undead ghost who was killed by Sub-Zero but was spared by his wife and child and permitted to resurrect to the physical world in order to exact retribution. The same conclusion suggests that Scorpion can exact revenge but cannot find his family who is still alive due to the curse of his supernatural life. According to canon, Scorpion kills Sub-Zero after Liu Kang, the human champion wins the tenth match.

Players may order a unique tie-in comic book created and illustrated by Mortal Kombat co-creator John Tobias from Midway after the debut of the first Mortal Kombat game. Although it does not entirely fit into the canon of following games in the franchise, the comic provided more background information on the tournament and its characters.

Two years after Scorpion’s passing, in a one-page scenario, Scorpion’s son assaults Sub-Zero, who is startled to see him. Scorpion claims that “demons” have given him permission to come back and exact revenge on himself. Scorpion exits, assuring Sub-Zero they will meet again in the competition because he wants to exact his vengeance in a fair fight rather than a surprise attack. It’s not clear how long it takes between Scorpion’s passing and the tenth Mortal Kombat match in later games.

The video game Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero (1997) depicts Sub-Zero joining Mortal Kombat days or weeks after killing Scorpion, but it’s unclear whether he’s doing so in time for the tenth tournament or whether he participated in a previous tournament, survived it, and then decided to come back for the tenth.

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Additional games of Scorpion’s son

In the non-fighting games NBA Jam Tournament Edition (1995), the Grid (2000), MLB Slugfest: Loaded (2004), and Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy, Scorpion’s son made an appearance as a guest character (2004).

As a downloadable character, Scorpion’s son joined the cast of Injustice: Gods Among Us in 2013. Scorpion faced the demon Trigon at the conclusion of his single-player campaign, wondering how he got here. Trigon had summoned him out of resentment that he had abandoned his demon army and denied him the honor of conquering the One-Earth High Councilor (Superman). Before seizing control of Trigon’s demonic energies, which he intends to utilize to rule the globe, Scorpion fights and vanquishes Trigon.

Design and gameplay of characters

Along with Sub-Zero and Reptile, Scorpion made an appearance in the first Mortal Kombat as one of 3 palette-swapped ninja characters. When John Tobias, the series’ first main character designer, uploaded several pages of old pre-production character designs and notes on Twitter in September 2011, it became clear where the character’s early inspiration came from.

Tobias also contemplated the ideas of either one of them abandoning their tribe, or a “revenge narrative” featuring the then-unnamed characters being a part of competing clans. Scorpion and Sub-Zero were simply defined as a “palette swap for 2 ninjas—a hunter and the hunted.”

The designers chose a yellow color scheme for Scorpion because they felt it represented fire in contrast to Sub-cold Zero’s blue. Their contrasting personalities “prompted the story of them being these rival ninja-clan-type figures,” despite their identical appearance. Reptile, a third ninja switch who was created by Boon as “a cooler version of Scorpion’s son,” was added in the third version as a hidden non-playable character.

The reptile was dressed in green and wielded Scorpion’s spear as part of his offensive arsenal. The first costume was red for filming in Mortal Kombat I, but a modified yellow one with a padded vest and knee-high shin armor was used for Mortal Kombat II. The original costume was made from modified ninja-like clothing purchased from a Chicago costume shop.

Due to this, the other male ninja characters there—Sub-Zero, Reptile, and secret characters Smoke and Noob Saibot—became palette swaps of Scorpion, with the latter two also employing Scorpion’s spear when engaged in separate, covert combat. Daniel Pesina initially performed Scorpion and the ninja characters before John Turk took over for Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 and the 1996 collection Mortal Kombat Trilogy. Sal Divita played the role in MK: Mythologies.

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The cultural influence of Scorpio’s son

A number of television shows, including Drawn Together, Robot Chicken, as well as the Cleveland Show, have featured cameos by Scorpion’s son. The character appeared in a 2014 animated short film made by Comedy Central that made fun of the Mortal Kombat video games together with Raiden, Ermac, Jax, and Shang Tsung.


Q1. Has Scorpion ever had a son?

Ans: Scorpion’s son Satoshi and his wife Harumi are killed in the game’s plot. In actuality, Sub-Zero, the movie’s main antagonist, also killed Scorpion.

Q2. Is Cole Scorpion’s child?

Ans: The lead character in the upcoming Mortal Kombat sequel, Cole Young, is the movie’s major protagonist. He was reared in Raiden’s Temple with his infant daughter, who is a descendant of Scorpion.

Q3. Who is the daughter of the Scorpion?

Ans: As she is found by the older god Raiden and taken away as a baby, his daughter is never given a name in the film. Although it seems like that’s the last time we see Scorpion’s kid, she actually has a crucial part to play in the film.

Q4. The brother of Sub-Zero who?

Ans: Sibling Bi-Han Sub-Zero: Up to the inaugural Mortal Kombat competition, Kuai Liang and his older brother Bi-Han provided loyal service to the Lin Kuei assassin clan. The demon Scorpion killed Bi-Han, also known by the code name Sub-Zero, there. In order to track down his brother’s killer, Kuai Liang donned the Sub-Zero guise and traveled to Outworld

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