The Numbers Mason What Do They Mean in 2023

Mason, Woods, and Bowman take part in Operation 40, a plot to kill Fidel Castro and aid the CIA-supported Cuban exiles in the Bay of Pigs invasion, in April 1961. Mason kills Castro’s dummy and stays behind, letting Woods and Bowman board an extraction plane to depart. The real Castro captures him and gives him to the Soviet Union.

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The story of The Numbers Mason What Do They Mean

Mason, who is detained at the Vorkuta Gulag, becomes friends with former Red Army soldier Viktor Reznov. The names of their adversaries—Major General Nikita Dragovich, Colonel Lev Kravchenko, and former Nazi scientist Friedrich Steiner—are revealed to Mason by Reznov.

Friedrich Steiner defected to the Soviet Union. Reznov, Dimitri Petrenko, and their unit were tasked with rescuing Steiner from a Nazi stronghold in the Arctic in October 1945. Dragovich betrayed them, testing Steiner’s nerve agent “Nova 6” on Petrenko and his team, murdering them. When British commandos invaded in an effort to obtain Nova 6, Reznov was spared. After destroying Nova 6 and making his getaway, the Soviets caught him and transported him to Vorkuta. Later, the Soviets used British scientist Daniel Clarke to construct Nova 6.

By 1963, Mason and Reznov stage a rebellion to escape the jail; Reznov stays behind to help Mason make it out. program John F. Kennedy approves an operation to kill Dragovich in November. To stop the Soviet space program and kill participants in “Ascension,” a Soviet program that protected Nazi scientists, Mason, Woods, Bowman, and CIA spy Weaver are sent to the Baikonur Cosmodrome. As the squad obliterates the Soyuz rocket, Dragovich appears to perish in a car explosion.

As part of MACV-SOG, Mason’s crew is dispatched to Vietnam in January 1968. They obtain a dossier on Dragovich from Reznov, a Russian defector who was being held by the North Vietnamese Army in Hue City during the Tet Offensive, after defending Khe Sanh against a North Vietnamese attack. They enter Laos after Dragovich emerges in order to rescue a supply of Nova 6 from a downed Soviet aircraft.

At the crash scene, Viet Cong and Spetznaz forces seize them. Bowman is put to death, but Woods and Mason make off with a Mi-24 Hind, sabotaging the Ho Chi Minh Trail on their way to saving Reznov from Kravchenko’s base. When they face Kravchenko, he pulls the trigger on grenades connected to his body, causing Woods to hurl both Kravchenko and himself out a window, where Mason believes they have perished.

Clarke is questioned by Hudson and Weaver in Kowloon City. Before being executed by Dragovich’s soldiers, Clarke discloses the location of a facility near Mount Yamantau. In addition to destroying the facility, Hudson and Weaver also receive a message from Steiner asking them to meet at Rebirth Island since Dragovich will be the next to be killed there. While Hudson and Weaver are arriving, Mason and Reznov make their way there to kill Steiner, and they are successful. When Hudson and Weaver see Mason performing the act by himself while identifying as Reznov, they question him. It turns out that Mason is having a random number of hallucinations.

Each state’s capital has been infiltrated by Dragovich with sleeper cells that, when activated by a broadcast of his station’s numbers, will release Nova 6. The U.S. is preparing a nuclear attack on the Soviet Union as a preemptive measure and is currently at DEFCON 2. Hudson says that Dragovich hypnotized Mason at Vorkuta so that he would kill Kennedy as a Soviet sleeper agent. Mason’s visions of Reznov are a delusion brought on by the brainwashing; Reznov died during the breakout and the Soviet defector was also slain.

Reznov reprogrammed Mason to kill Dragovich, Kravchenko, and Steiner before he passed away. Mason recalls that Dragovich’s radio station was located on the Russian cruiser Rusalka, which was off the coast of Cuba.

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The plot of The Numbers Mason What Do They Mean

Black Ops takes place 16 to 23 years after the events of World War, between 1961 and 1968, during the Cold War and the Vietnam War. It depicts a covert history of CIA operations conducted behind adversary lines. Various places around the world, including the Ural Mountains, Kazakhstan, Cuba, Hong Kong, Laos, South Vietnam, the Arctic Circle, and Siberia, host missions. The “Nova 6” nerve toxin and chemical weapon are the focus of the single-player campaign. Covert sleeper agents in the United States, who are programmed to follow their commands once transmissions are sent from an unknown number of stations, are certain to employ this weapon.

The player controls Alex Mason, a CIA SAD/SOG agent and former captain of the United States Marine Force Recon (Sam Worthington). Jason Hudson, a CIA paramilitary operations officer (Ed Harris), and a few other characters are occasionally playable to advance the plot. Alex frequently teams up with fellow agents Force Recon Master Sergeant Frank Woods (James C. Burns) and Navy UDT Chief Joseph Bowman (Ice Cube), while Hudson works with Russian-born field agent Grigori Weaver (Gene Farber).

A pivotal figure from World at War’s Soviet campaign, Viktor Reznov (Gary Oldman), as well as the game’s Russian protagonist Dimitri Petrenko (Boris Kievsky), both make an appearance. Daniel Clarke, a British scientist who aids in the creation of Project Nova, is also voiced by Oldman.

Former Red Army General Nikita Dragovich (Eamon Hunt), Colonel Lev Kravchenko (Andrew Divoff), and former Nazi scientist Doctor Friedrich Steiner are the Project Nova leaders who are fighting against the CIA (Mark Bramhall). Black Ops also includes a number of historical people; along the course of the narrative, Mason encounters Fidel Castro, Robert McNamara, and John F. Kennedy.

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Call of Duty

A first-person shooter game called Call of Duty: Black Ops was created by Treyarch and released by Activision in 2010. With a separate version created by n-Space, it was made available globally in November 2010 for Microsoft Windows, the PlayStation 3, Wii, and Xbox 360. In September 2012, Aspyr subsequently released the game for OS X. It is the series’ seventh installment and Call of Duty:  World at War Black Ops II’s follow-up

FAQs on The Numbers Mason What Do They Mean

Q1. Why did they divulge the numbers to Mason?

Ans: It contains the location and instructions for shooting JFK. Watch what happens next. Mason says “One” after the fifth number and “22. mm” after three more numbers (the caliber of gun used to kill JFK).

Q2. Why was Mason manipulated?

Ans: Mason was subsequently detained in Vorkuta’s notorious work camp, where he was gradually brainwashed in an effort to make him a sleeper agent to carry out Dragovich’s schemes.

Q3. For thirty years, Mason went where?

Ans: imprisonment in Vorkuta
Mason was taken to Vorkuta, Russia, a Soviet labor camp. Dragovich used Lev Kravchenko and Friedrich Steiner to brainwash Mason there.

Q4. Mason, a dream or delusion?

Ans: Mason saw Reznov experience a guardian angel-like hallucination that may have been caused by multiple personality disorder. When Mason ultimately killed Nikita Dragovich, Reznov’s voice praised him for accomplishing what Reznov himself was unable to do and for carrying out his legacy.

Q5. Why is Mason silent during Cold War?

Ans: The employment of a new voice actor for Alex Mason in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is one reason that could account for this. Similar to how Frank Woods’ original actor, Sam Worthington, was replaced, Alex Mason is no longer portrayed by Worthington.

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