Combine The Supreme Alphabet With The Supreme Mathematics

Is it appropriate to combine Supreme Mathematics and Supreme Alphabet? Some people in our culture have come to the conclusion that they shouldn’t be mixed. Others were instructed to combine them.


My Educator, who taught me about this culture, did not offer me Supreme Mathematics or the Supreme Alphabet on a piece of paper with simple definitions next to them. Because I strolled with my Educator, I was able to learn Supreme Mathematics as well as the Supreme Alphabet in real-time.

For instance, based on the information and comprehension I acquired via experience, I discovered that “M” or Master is the 13th letter. I already knew that M is the thirteenth letter; I didn’t need to be taught to memorize it or to recall it. It’s possible that others have had a different experience, but this is what and how I was taught, and it was uncommon for me to run with another Five Percenter, including Elders inside our Nation, who tried to teach that our Supreme Mathematics and Supreme Alphabet cannot be mixed.

I eventually put every one of the Supreme Mathematics and the Supreme Alphabet, together with their combined correspondences, on paper as I mastered them.

I’ve learned and written a lot about the Five Percent’s cultural curriculum and how it functions as an integrated system. Thus, our Supreme Mathematics, Supreme Alphabet, and 120 degrees are separate components that are integrated to function as a single, cohesive whole. Here is why it was never intended for them to be divided.

Operational Mechanism

The universe’s operational mechanism is mathematics. Language is a means of expressing the operations [of the Operating System’s computations, quantification, and calculations]. You must conceptualize those processes and translate them into words before you can communicate. The letters that make up those words are part of an alphabet, which is an ordered system of letters with place values and fundamental sounds.

An orderly system of 26 letters or sounds is known as the Alphabet. Each of those 26 characters, when arranged in that order, has a “numerical value” and corresponds to an Arabic number. Whether or not someone wishes to admit that the letter “C” is the third letter is irrelevant. The order in which they appear in the alphabet, their numerical significance, or their resemblance to Arabic numerals is unaffected by their lack of acknowledgment.

Whether or not the recipient is aware of it, a single letter on a piece of paper has a numerical value and a place in the context of the following rules and regulations from which it originated. Understanding this is necessary for decoding and building any language. An individual must comprehend the sequential order, “numerical value,” and location in the ordered system [Alphabet] from whence its symbols originated in order to comprehend Egyptian hieroglyphs and Sumerian cuneiform.

A human would not be able to grasp Hieroglyphs or Cuneiform without that knowledge. Children learning English in America experience the same thing. preschoolers are better equipped to build sentences thanks to this knowledge.  Children who struggle with English Language Arts (ELA) and have trouble reading, writing, comprehending, and communicating are those who don’t understand this link.

If this trend is allowed to continue, it will have a negative impact on other topics that call on reading, writing, understanding, and communication. This frequently results in some kids being classified as having a learning disability or being placed in remedial programs. You may have observed the behavioral problems that arise when students are frustrated with their difficulties with reading, writing, understanding, and communicating.

Gematria and supreme mathematics

The term “gematria,” which has roots in both Aramaic and Greek and was made popular by Jewish Kabbalah, is related to English geometry. Each letter in the alphanumeric code known as gematria has a numerical value. For instance, in English, A = 1, B = 2, C = 3, etc. These letters also have value when used to form words and names. Allah, for instance, would be represented numerically by the number “7” since A = 1, L = 12, L = 12, A = 1, H = 8 = 34 = “7”.

The origins of Plato’s writings and his study of the topic in Khemet/Kemet [Egypt] are where the idea of gematria originated. Our Supreme Mathematics matches the Supreme Alphabet in the same way as Arabic Numerals (from 1 to 9 and 0) match letters in the alphabet. When we say in our language of the Five Percent, “Understanding is to Cee [C, third letter] things for what they are and not really what they appear to be,” we are demonstrating the link between mathematics and the alphabet.

We demonstrate the link between mathematics and the alphabet whenever we say, “We create knowledge born yet a man must save themselves [S, the 19th letter, is Self or Savior]”. These are only a few of the many instances across our culture that demonstrate how these components—numbers and letters—are united to function as one cohesive system.

There is more going on here than just the simple combination of numbers and characters. Did Allah, the creator of the Five Percenters, comprehend the meaning of the word Gematria? Did he read Plato’s works on the subject, or did he study Jewish Kabbalah? There is a chance. Another possibility is that he didn’t do it. Whether he did or didn’t, he created a powerful alphanumeric value system that is exclusive to the Five Percent Nation and is known as the Supreme Mathematics and the Supreme Alphabet.


This pertains to our cognitive ability as Living Mathematics—our ability to read, write, interpret, and explain correspondences clearly. It concerns our capacity to form logical inferences and reasonable connections in life equations. As a Five Percenter, it is essential to comprehend the interdependence of our Supreme Mathematics, Supreme Alphabet, and 120 Degrees in order to draw those logical connections and conclusions.


1. What does Supreme Mathematics mean?

Supreme Mathematics, which is utilized in conjunction with the Supreme Alphabet, is a system for comprehending numerical values coupled with ideas and qualitative representations. The NGE’s highest numerology system, known as Supreme Mathematics, assigns numbers a qualitative as well as a quantitative value.

2. What does the number 5 in supreme mathematics mean?

5 – Power/Refinement.

3. Describe a 5% person.

The Five Percenters, the Black Man, and the Almighty According to the Five Percent Nation, 10 percent of the population is aware of the truth, and these elites choose to keep the other 85 percent in the dark. The Five Percent Nation, those who are still alive, seek to awaken the world.

4. What is meant by Godbody?

The show’s name, God Body, alludes to “the idea of the 5 Percent Nation of Gods and Earths,” according to creator Patrick Dougher. God, in my opinion, is both within and without. God Body is someone who is aware of themselves and understands their actual Divine and God nature.


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