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Each Hebrew letter has a numerical equivalent in gematria, such as aleph = 1, bet = 2, etc. The value of a word can then be determined by adding the gematria number of all its letters. Biblical commentators often use the numerical equivalence of words to support their claims. A commentator may connect two words and the verses in which they appear in their numerical values are equal and use this to support more general conceptual assertions.

Describe Gematria

Gematria, to put it simply, is the art of converting numbers into words. It is a long-standing custom that dates back at least to the time when the Hebrew and Greek alphabets were used as numbers.

Many people dismiss the notion that this system can be applied to the English language. But it is now evident, as a result of the tireless work of some astute researchers, that not only does it apply, but it is also frequently used in news, media, and sports, with incidents in all three of these spheres frequently occurring at the same time.

There might be more to gematria than just the sums of the words’ numerical values. If you pay close attention to the details of your own life, such as the names of your loved ones, their dates of birth, and the dates of significant occasions, you might notice some perplexing coincidences that seem to go beyond pure randomness.

We sincerely hope that you will be interested in learning more about how the elite ruling class is using the study of gematria against us. Gematria is among the most fascinating intellectual pursuits imaginable for those who want to learn the truth without sacrificing their dignity.

Why do we need so many ciphers? What does each of them mean?

It’s a little more complicated than just A=1, B=2, and C=3 in gematria. However, the alphabetical order on this site makes the majority of the systems on it closely related. Each letter in the English Ordinal alphabet is given a number based on where it falls in the alphabet. A=1, B=2, C=3, X=24, Y=25, Z=26, and so on.

By using a straightforward numerical purpose, such as reduction (1-9 only), amplification (1-9, 10-90, 10-800), or simply reversing the order, we can derive the majority of the other ciphers from this one.

Other ciphers use special operations. For instance, each letter is multiplied by six in Sumerian. The beginning of the Satanic Gematria, however, is A=36, B=37…Y=60, Z=61. This is due to 666 being the 36th triangular number. 

What distinguishes gematria and numerology from one another?

“Numerology is the use of numbers to forecast the future or understand a person’s character. The Pythagorean idea that all things can be conveyed in numerical terms since they are ultimately reducible to numbers forms the foundation of numerology theory.

In order to gain mystical additional insight into scriptural texts or arrive at new interpretations of the texts, medieval Kabbalists frequently used gematria, the replacement of numbers for the letters of the Hebrew alphabet.

Using Gematria Numbers to Create

As per Kabbalah, the Ten Divine Utterances that come from God are what both created and maintain the world. According to Bereshit, these are the words that G-d used to create the universe. 15 Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi explains this in Shaar HaYichud VehaEmunah, the second volume of Tanya:

“Even though the word evven (stone) is not noted in the Ten Utterances that are recorded in the Torah, nevertheless… the Ten Utterances devolve and are successively diminished, degree by degree, using letter replacements and transpositions as well as gematriot, which are their Gematria numbers.”

We can see that gematria is essential to the act of creation. Gematria plays a cosmic role in Torah interpretation and is not just a small facet of it.

Despite this, Rabbi Schneur Zalman does note that gematria is the most remote from the original Ten Utterances of the three paths of descent that the Ten Utterances take during the creation process (substitutions, transpositions, and gematriot).

The aleph-actual bet’s letters are still used in the other two methods, whereas gematria only uses the letters’ numerical values.

Is Each Gematria Number Meaningful?

Anyone with a calculator can generate some inventive gematria numbers because gematria is just simple arithmetic. Does that imply a relationship between the two words or phrases? Every gematria must have a source, according to the Rebbe, for it to be meaningful. If there is a connection, as determined by the proper authority, the calculated value can strengthen this association. But by itself, the gematria cannot establish a connection. 19

In conclusion, gematria is a valid method of understanding the Torah, but only if applied properly.

FAQs Regarding Gematria number

What does the Bible’s number 8 mean?

The number 8 is associated with “hope, new horizons, and a bright future,” according to Numerology Center. It’s interesting that there were 40 authors who contributed to the Bible, which is a multiple of 8. Many people think it’s not a coincidence that Jesus is said to have made eight appearances after his resurrection.

What does the life path Gematria number 8 mean?

The resilient and strong powerhouse of numerology is the Life Path Number 8, or 8. You are somebody who is meant to hold roles of authority and power through which you can have a positive effect on the world if you were born with an 8 Life Path.

Why is seven a sacred number?

Leviticus 25:4 states that the seventh year is a Sabbath of rest. The number seven and multiples of seven are frequently mentioned in the Bible. Amazingly, Jesus miraculously healed seven people on a Sabbath day, according to Chapter 5 of the Book of Matthew.

What is English in gematria?

British English gematria Metric is a noun. Judaism. a method of giving the Hebrew alphabet’s letters numerical values, particularly when used by kabbalists to perceive the Hebrew scriptures.

What does a gematria calculator do?

Describe Gematria. (Definition) The Gematria system of numerology is based on adding the letter values of a word or a given name. This gematria number calculation involves adding up the values assigned to each letter based on its Gematria number.

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