Gematria Chart – Everything you need to know in 2023

The practice of converting numbers into words is known as gematria. It is an old tradition that can be to back to the early Hebrew and Greek languages, where texts from the alphabet were used as numbers. And the chart denoting the calculations is known as the Gematria chart.

Many people dismiss the idea that this scheme can be applied to the English language. However, congratulations to the hard work and dedication of some intelligent and thoughtful researchers, it is completely obvious that it does not only apply, but that it is used on a daily basis in news, media, and sports, with events in all three frequently coinciding.

There could be more to gematria than the numbers that words add up to. Decoding your own private life, including family and friends, birthdates, and essential event dates, may reveal some perplexing synchronicities that appear to elevate true unpredictability.

The analysis of gematria and how it is used against us by the ruling elite is still in its early stages, so we hope you will be interested in this element of our reality as well. Those seeking true knowledge without sacrificing their dignity might very well find gematria to be one of the most intriguing intellectual pursuits conceivable.

Letters & Numbers by Zachary K. Hubbard is an encyclopedic collection of information on the existence of gematria in our mainstream press dating back hundreds of years ago.

Why do we require Gematria?

To gain a more spiritual awareness of the religious text, the gematria number system is used. We can derive multiple interpretations from the numerical value of words and expressions. Gematria has a variety of applications in our daily lives.


When the Hebrew word Chai() is converted using gematria numerology, its true meaning comes to life. We discover that the numeric value of the Chai() is equal to 18, which is why the number 18 has already become holy to many Jews.

Muslims also use Arabic Gematria, such as the number “786” to describe “Bismillah.” For many Muslims, 786 is a spiritual number, and they respect it as such.

Gematria Types

There are various types of gematria, and we use all of the recognized gematria forms in the gematria calculator. It is simple to use the gematria decoder, which provides decoding services for all Germatira types.

The following Gematria codes are widely used around the world:


Consider the word “Hello,” which represents the Gematria code in all of the well-known Gematria codes. The following table represents the Gematria value of the word “hello”:

English OrdinalFull ReductionReverse OrdinalReverse Full ReductionJewish GematriaEnglish Gematria

English Ordinal Gematria

The English Ordinal Gematria is simply the use of formal alphabet letters against growing numbers of tallying. For the English ordinal Gematria, we use simple rising order counting.

Example: Using English Ordinal Gematria on the word “Hello,” we discovered that the value of “HELLO” is 52 in English Ordinal.

The gematria chart in English:

The chart describes all of the English Ordinal Gematria’s gematria estimations.


Full Reduction Gematria

The Full Reduction Gematria can be found in the form of the English alphabet. You are provided the numerical values for the very first nine words of the English alphabet. We’re going to keep repeating the numeric values for the next nine words, and you might have noticed that the value for the English word “z” is “8.”

In Full Reduction Gematria, the word “HELLO” equals 25, and these values can be confirmed by the gematria calculator.


Gematria of Full Reduction

Reverse Ordinal Gematria: This is the total change of the ordinal Gematiaria. The chord alphabet “A” has a numerical value of “26,” and the letter “Z” has a numerical value of “1.”

The English Ordinal Gematria has been completely reversed. The gematria decoder can be used to determine the Reverse Ordinal Gematria significance of any word.


The word “HELLO” has the Reverse Ordinal Gematria value of 83 and is represented by the chart values.

Reverse Ordinal gematria chart:


Reverse Full Gematria

Reverse Full Gematria: If you have used the Full Reduction Gematria, you should understand that the Reverse Full Gematria is the inverse of the Full Reduction Gematria. Because the script is simple to recognize, you can use the gematria calculator to find out the value of any word.


In Reverse Full Reduction Gematria, the word “HELLO” is 20:

Full Reduction Reverse Gematria Chart:


Jewish Gematria

The Jewish Gematria Calculator is specifically designed to find the quantitative data of any phrase in the Jewish Gematria. It’s not the same when you use Jewish Gematria. The values obtained for the first nine alphanumeric characters are in ascending order, except for “J,” which has a numeric value of “600.”


In Jewish Gematria, the word “HELLO” is 103, and we are going to represent the numeric value of Jewish Gematria

Jewish Gematria gematria chart


English Gematria

The English Gematria began with the number “6” because the letter “a” has a value of “6.” We have used a multiple of “6” in the preceding values. The English Gematria Calculator is specifically designed to find Geometric value systems in English Gematria.


312 is the English Gematria for the word “HELLO.”

English gematria chart:


Gematria Chart FAQs

  1. What does the number 13 symbolize spiritually in various cultures?

    The number 13 represents a test, suffering, and dying. This is why, in many cultures, the number 13 is regarded as a curse or a bad number.

  2. What does 444 in Hebrew Gematria mean?

    In the Bible, the 444 is known as a symbol of transformation, truth, and personal character, and is seen as a response to your heart’s desires and feelings.

  3. What does the number 1111 mean in Gematria?

    The number 1111 is frequently interpreted as an angel number in numerology, and you must concentrate to reconsider your role as just a human.

  4. What is God’s number?

    The number “777” is known to be God’s number, and it is associated with the selected person.

Hope you will get some pieces of information about the gematria chart. Share these pieces of information with your loved one. Thank you…

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