New and the best Arabic Gematria Calculator online in 2023

Arabic gematria Calculator uses a system to give the Arabic alphabet’s letters numerical values. The Hebrew and Greek gematria, which also use letters as numbers, are comparable to this system. Each letter in the Arabic alphabet has a numerical value that can be used to determine the numerical value of a word or phrase.

When entering the word or phrase to be calculated into an Arabic gematria calculator, the calculator will use the gematria system to give numerical values to each letter. The final numerical value would be obtained by adding the numerical values of each letter in the word or phrase.

Values in Arabic Gematria Calculator

According to Arabic gematria, each letter has the following values:

أ  1
ب  2
ج  3
د  4
ه  5
و  6
ز  7
ح  8
ط  9
ي  10
ك  20
ل  30
م  40
ن  50
س  60
ع  70
ف  80
ص  90
ق  100
ر  200
ش  300
ت  400
ث  500
خ  600
ذ  700
ض  800
ظ  900
غ  1000

best Arabic Gematria Calculator online

What Are the Abjad Numbers?

The 28 characters of the Arabic alphabet are given a number or numerical value in abjad numerals, an alphabetic numeral system. It is mostly utilized in mathematics, Arabic numerology, and list numbering.

The name “abjad numerals” merely means “alphabet numerals” or “alphabet numbers” in English because “abjad” in Arabic means “alphabet”. It’s interesting to note that the word “abjad” is actually an abjad as it employs abjad numbers for the characters A, B, G, and D.

People have been utilizing this alphabetic numeric system in the Arabic-speaking world since the ninth century, which was more than a thousand years ago.

What Does Abjad Mean?

The abjad value is determined using Arabic numerology as follows:

The Arabic alphabet is utilized (from the start) to give each of the first nine numerals an alphabetic numerical value. As an illustration, the term for the first letter of the alphabet, “alif,” is used for 1, “b,” for the second letter, etc.

The next nine intervals of 10 and 100, up to 1,000, are then represented by letters from the Arabic alphabet. For instance, the numbers 10 and 20 are written as “y,” “k,” “q,” and “ghayn,” respectively.

What Is Hamza’s Abjad Value?

The glottal stop preceding or following a word starting with a vowel is known as a hamza (ء) in Arabic. Based on whether hamza is regarded as a letter or not, the abjad worth of something like a phrase, letter, or term in Arabic numerology might have an effect on its overall value.

Alif and Hamza have an identical value of 1 in the abjad. There are several opinions on whether or not to count the hamza as a letter when calculating the value of the abjad. As a result, the word “Bahá,” for instance, will either equate to nine when the hamza is present or eight when it is not.

One may utilize the Abjad Calculator to either provide a hamza or ignore it when assessing the value of a word or phrase because there are differences in whether it is acknowledged or not.

Arabic Value Calculation

The quickest and simplest approach to determine the abjad value is to use the abjad calculator. To see the translation, use the table or type a character, word, or phrase into the box.

How to use Arabic Gematria Calculator?

Arabic Gematria Calculator online

Arabic gematria is a system for giving the Arabic alphabet’s letters numerical values. To utilize an Arabic gematria calculator, follow these steps:

  • Choose a calculator for gematria: Several Arabic Gematria calculators are accessible online. Choose the one that best suits your requirements. 
  • Type the word or phrase here: To find the Gematria value for an Arabic word or phrase, enter it here. Make sure to spell and utilize the proper Arabic script.
  • Calculate the Gematria value: The Gematria value can be calculated by selecting the “calculate” option after you have typed in the word or phrase. Each word in the word or phrase will be given a numerical value by the calculator, which will then add together all of the values to give you the total Gematria value.
  • Interpret the result: The Gematria value can be applied to a variety of situations, including divination, numerology, and spiritual inquiry. Depending on your aim and understanding, interpret the outcome.

It’s vital to understand that Arabic Gematria Calculator is not a widely accepted system and that each culture and religion has its own interpretation of the system. Consequently, before making any big decisions based on Gematria calculations, it is imperative to conduct in-depth research and confer with professionals.

What are the uses of the Arabic gematria Calculator?

A gematria calculator is a device that gives the alphabet’s letters numerical values. Several nations and religions, notably Hebrew, Arabic, and Greek, have used gematria calculators. These are a few typical applications for a gematria calculator:

  • In numerology, gematria is frequently employed to examine the symbolic significance of individual words and phrases. A text’s patterns and hidden meanings can be found using the numerical values given to the letters.
  • Gematria is a method of divination that is employed in some spiritual systems. It is thought that words and phrases’ numerical values might predict the future or make secret information available.
  • Gematria is sometimes used as a technique for meditation and spiritual inquiry. They employ the numerical values of letters to concentrate on them during meditation by giving them meaningful messages.
  • Gematria is capable of serving as code in cryptography to encrypt and decrypt messages. You can make a secret code that only people who know the code can decipher by giving letters numerical values.
  • Gematria can be used as a tool for language learners to aid in their learning. It is possible to learn words and phrases by giving letters numerical values.

The benefits of using a gematria calculator should be understood to vary based on the cultural and religious context and are not supported by scientific research. Consequently, before making any important decisions depending on gematria calculations, it is imperative to utilize a gematria calculator with prudence and obtain professional advice.

best Arabic Gematria Calculator online free

FAQs on Arabic Gematria Calculator

Q1. The Abjad Calculator: What Is It?

The Abjad Calculator displays each Arabic letter’s name, numerical value, and pronunciation. You can quickly and easily determine the abjad value in Arabic numerology with this online tool. It allows you to determine the abjad value while accounting for or excluding hamza ().

Q2. The Abjad Calculator: How to Use It

Using the Abjad Calculator is simple. To see the name and value of each Arabic letter, just utilize the chart.

Q3. What do the numbers mean in gematria?

Jewish scriptures can be interpreted using geometry, which involves adding up the numerical values of words. For instance, the Hebrew alphabet’s eighth and tenth letters, which add up to 18, have special meanings when it comes to making presents or donations.

Q4. What exactly is divine knowledge?

Angel numbers are a string of numerals that appear repeatedly, such as 111, 222, 333, and so forth. Some people believe that witnessing the same sequence of numbers in many locations all of a sudden is a sign from the cosmos, God, or your own deity.

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